Yurika Tahara

The japanese artist, born 1979 in Niigata, lives and works in Munich since 2003.

Before that, she completed a technical school in Japan and worked there as construction manager.

Then came the big turning point: on the track of the “Blaue Reiter” she came to Munich.

There she studied until 2013 at the Academy of fine Arts with Professor Prangenberg, with the main focus on ceramics. She completes her studies in January 2013 with the diploma.

Already during her time of study, she worked as working student and laboratory assistant at the Nymphenburger Porzellan Manufaktur and will also be operating there after the diploma.

It is important to her to work here with different contemporary artists on porcelain projects and to develop herself artistically and in the field of materials.

In her individual artistic practice, she is mainly interested in the material clay. She is fascinated by this archaic material. In her eyes, it can transport her innermost artistic thoughts the best. Because clay is breathing, it is moving, it is happy or annoyed, even after the burning it stays a living material and changes thereafter, like people do in their development and there life stadiums, too.

Clay in her eyes is a unique, fascinating art material, that exists on earth since living memory and with the humans, and still today is used over and over and treated artistically.

With this age-old material it is imperative to challenge contemporary art, this is a main objective of the artist.

Thereby it is not prior to her to work reduced or minimalistic, but highly concentrated forms, lines and colors are what, in combination, resulting in a perfection of the remaining non-perfection.

It is therefore no wonder, that in her works the ball often appears, a prototype, that represents perfection and symbol for eternity simultaneously and with the circle that incorporates it, contains an endless quote and the ever-recurring of the universe.

The artist wants to explore this universe further and discover and shape it with her own hands.